For the love of Lattes. If you are trying to give up coffee these are great alternatives

Have you tried to give up coffee and struggling? I’ve given up coffee for the time being because my microbiome test from Viome said to AVOID it. This beet latte [...]

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11/22 is an angel day where you set your dreams to come true

I hope November has been an enlightening month for you. Right before November, Source had a really strong message for me to be in SERVICE. They want me to give [...]

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How to get into your vibration and energetically aligned for MAGIC to appear

The 11:11 gateway portal closed yesterday so now what????   After my morning alignment and meditation, I asked for guidance for this next energy wave from November 15-21.  I'm doing [...]

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11:11 Blessing and Full Moon in Taurus Crystal Grid Integration

How are you feeling this week so far? I hope you had a chance to do the 11:11 Portal Clearing I have posted on Novemenber 8th. The 11:11 Portal Gateway [...]

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November Free Energy Clearing 11:11 Portal ~ New Beginnings and Activation Awaits You

Welcome to the 11/08-11/14 gateway week for the 11:11 Portal. Its a huge activation week. If you are on our newsletter, I’ve been preparing you for this. I want you [...]

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Don’t Mess With November Cosmic Energy, Utilize it to ACTIVATE and ALIGN to Manifest Abundance for Years to Come

In astrology and Chinese face reading, November is seasonal time of transitions of the planets and energies. It's a very complex month of emotions of comparison, feelings of having enough, [...]

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10:10 Portal of Completion, an Energetic Time of Finishing and Fresh Starts

Every month, astrologically and energetically a portal open. It is on the date of the month. The two most know are the Lionsgate Portal on August 8, 8/8 and then [...]

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Late-Summer, an energetic Earth phase and tending to your SPLEEN

Hello Friends  The days are getting shorter, and we are a few days away from the Autumn Equinox. In Chinese Medicine this a phase called Late-Summer, a unpredictable time of [...]

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