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how to boost your energy tip remove negative energy when to meditate

How to Raise Your Energy Tip: Best Time to Manifest and Restore is 3-4P

There are certain times when things are done where it is more powerful. For manifesting, the hour of power spiritually ...
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removing negative energy from a space with space clearing and selenite

Removing negative energy with space clearings

This week I’m really appreciative of all the energy clearings, space clearings, and house blessings I’ve done. Many people think ...
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ghostbuster costume, remove ghosts from you and your space

Halloween spirits and removing ghosts from you and your space

Did you know more spirits are active and roam during this time? There is a reason why Halloween, All Saints ...
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For the love of Halloween and Halloween tans

Do you have a friend or an interaction that has influenced your beingness? You may still be in each other's ...
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Dry Brushing to Detox and Exfoliate

This week I started a plan to get my pre-pregnancy body back. It includes safe detoxes of all sorts. One ...
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it is safe to spray tan pregnant or beast feeding

Is it safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women to spray tan?

Of course always consult your doctor. Most will tell you its safe. When I was pregnant it actually save me ...
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Space Blessing Ritual: Energetic Sweeping and Cinnamon Broom Blessing

Your spaces are your SANCTUARY. It is where you rest, rejuvenate, and manifest. Everyone is sensitive to space, some more ...
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removing negative energy pendulum energy clearing thuy dam

Space Clearing for homes and businesses for spirits feature on the Rooster

This month I"m featured in the Rooster online and then next month in print on space clearing for homes and ...
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How to boost the energy of your workspace

What is your work space like? This was mine yesterday at the counter of So You Boutique. I got my ...
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Hypno-therapy for mothers, pre and post pregnancy

This week is Passion Week and Easter weekend. I've been discussing the themes of passion, life purpose, inspiration, miracles, birth, ...
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